Sunday, 11 September 2011

How to Tig Weld Using the Lay Wire Method

Pipe Welders and Boilermakers use a Tig welding technique called the "lay wire" technique.

What it means is that the tig welding filler wire is held in the weld puddle all the time instead of being dipped in and out as will traditional tig welding techniques used for sheet metal.

Pipe welding is different from sheet metal welding and pipe welders are a different breed than those who weld sheet metal.

For one thing, Pipe welders often use a technique known as "walking the cup". This is a technique that works especially well for pipe and not a whole lot else.

Aerospace welders, motorsports welders, sheet metal welders, and most other job shop tig welders do not find much use for walking the cup. But the lay wire technique can be useful for lots of jobs.

Any tig welding job where the thickness is more than 1/8" inch or.125"...or about 3mm might be able to be done using this method. Especially if pulse parameters are used.

A note of caution: There is always a risk of lack of fusion when you use this technique on fillet welds because leaving the rod in the puddle can chill the puddle and can conceal the leading edge of the puddle making it difficult to ensure proper fusion all the way into the root.

I have heard of recent failures in socket welds where lack of fusion in the root was a contributing factor to the failure and socket welds are very often welded using the lay wire method.

But a socket weld on a power plant that goes through thermal mechanical fatigue is much different that a bracket for your headers on a hot rod project.

So the bottom line is this: use the lay wire method scrupulously. Like when aesthetics are the important thing. When absolute complete fusion is required all the way down in the root of a fillet weld, the dip method rules.

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Monday, 22 August 2011

Welding Tables by Stronghand Tools

Welding Tables made by Stronghand Tools are made from steel but Innovation is the key ingredient that makes the difference.

I don't work for Sronghand Tools But I do own 3 Strong hand Welding Tables...and every time I use a one of their tables, I discover some new features that help me get my welding done better, faster, and cheaper.

In fact, just a few days ago I was doing some welding on some parts that used to really present a challenge for me.The challenge was to be able to position the part so that I could see to weld inside a piece of 3 inch square tubing. The requirement for the weld was to keep it flat...or else I would need to grind it back with a carbide burr and I did not want to waste my time doing that.

I was using a Nomad Portable welding table for a temporary welding table because I didn't have my Strong-hand Build-Pro Table assembled yet...I was disappointed not to be able to use my big Build-Pro table but it turns out the Nomad portable metal table was just the ticket for the welding I had to do that day.

The Nomad Portable Welding Table features:

slots designed to be used with a wide array of strong-hand tools and clamps
height adjustment
90 degree fence for alignment of parts
the ability to hang it on the garage wall when you are done welding

By utilizing the tilt feature and the backstop fences on the Nomad Portable Welding table, I was able to position the work piece in such a way that I could see the weld area much better than I ever had before. So I decided to tilt the table even more to position the rest of the welds at a height that was easy for me to weld.

What a breeze.

Good thing too, because it was like 90F degrees and 90 percent humidity and I was sweating like a mug and ready to call it a day.

Monday, 4 July 2011

Know More about Welders

The welding process is done by the welding machine and even by the welders too. It is a very well known fact that the concept of having different type of welding process and each of the process has its own welding machine.

Moreover we will see now the various types of welding machine and its types in brief. Firstly, we will discuss about plasma cutters. This process is also known as child of modern invention, this process also uses science in there process.

It also uses the plasma gas and perform multi task of cutting and welding. Totally in market there are nine plasma cutters and five of them are listed as super cut fifty super cut sixty, super cut forty, super cut fifty P, power plasma 50 power plasma sixty and power plasma 70 and also power plasma 100, power plasma 80, plasma machines is also available for processing.

These machines are classified under the category of inverter types of welding machine. These machine falls on the category of different types of tables like the first three falls under MOSFET and remaining comes under the category of IGBT.

These machines can be used typically by all industrial process by the welders, and it is also designed keeping in mind of having torch track operation and adjustable post flow cooling yet it is portable.

These machines are very user friendly and makes the user very comfortable .the next new invented machine on the row is TIG welders and it is the most widely used machine and it is in demand and well appreciated for its portability and economy.

The repair of the machine on the field is a very easy process and can weld any type of stainless material or steel. It could be any setting the machine will not have any problem in its usage and also serves us with the unique combination of both amperage and features affordably.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

All About Types of TIG Welders

TIG welders are of five types which is easily available. They are power I TIG -200 power TIG 200 DX,  power TIG 250 EX,  power TIG EX,  power TIG 225 LX,  power  TIG 315 DX.

The starting minimum voltage required to start the unit is 220/240v it can also afford consistence and stable parameters with the standard feature being with foot pedal control.

There are machines which comes with the advantage and special features like arc force control , spool gun capability, digital display, consumer low power and many more which is specially designed so that these machine can be used in all industrial purposes and serve all industrial process, such machines are easily available and are called  MIG machines.

They are namely I MIG 205, I MIG 160, I MIG 250, and I MIG 200. They are different types of MIG machines available for various uses. The power arc welder is also known or commonly known as stick welders.

They are two types of stick welding machines available they are power arc 200 and power arc 160. These machines gives good competition and leads the industry with there performance and the price too. It also gives the benefit of excellent arc characteristic.

So when talking about welding process, the welders have various options in different type of welding machine and the welder or the user can weld ant type of metal easily and can be satisfied with a smooth welding characteristic with a high duty cycles. Enjoying the benefits of the machine can be fullest only if u select a machine which is best suits your work.