Monday, 22 August 2011

Welding Tables by Stronghand Tools

Welding Tables made by Stronghand Tools are made from steel but Innovation is the key ingredient that makes the difference.

I don't work for Sronghand Tools But I do own 3 Strong hand Welding Tables...and every time I use a one of their tables, I discover some new features that help me get my welding done better, faster, and cheaper.

In fact, just a few days ago I was doing some welding on some parts that used to really present a challenge for me.The challenge was to be able to position the part so that I could see to weld inside a piece of 3 inch square tubing. The requirement for the weld was to keep it flat...or else I would need to grind it back with a carbide burr and I did not want to waste my time doing that.

I was using a Nomad Portable welding table for a temporary welding table because I didn't have my Strong-hand Build-Pro Table assembled yet...I was disappointed not to be able to use my big Build-Pro table but it turns out the Nomad portable metal table was just the ticket for the welding I had to do that day.

The Nomad Portable Welding Table features:

slots designed to be used with a wide array of strong-hand tools and clamps
height adjustment
90 degree fence for alignment of parts
the ability to hang it on the garage wall when you are done welding

By utilizing the tilt feature and the backstop fences on the Nomad Portable Welding table, I was able to position the work piece in such a way that I could see the weld area much better than I ever had before. So I decided to tilt the table even more to position the rest of the welds at a height that was easy for me to weld.

What a breeze.

Good thing too, because it was like 90F degrees and 90 percent humidity and I was sweating like a mug and ready to call it a day.